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furnace blowing cold air

Have you ever asked, “why is my furnace blowing cold air instead of heat?” There could be several reasons why this is happening, and it’s crucial to determine the cause so that you can fix the problem. In this blog post, we will discuss the most common reasons why furnaces blow cold air, and we will provide you with some solutions to get your furnace working properly again.

Restricting Airflow on the Air Filter

The fresh air from your gas furnace will be blocked if your furnace air filter is coated with dust, dirt, or ash. Overheating and prolonged heating cycle concerns are common indicators of filthy air filters. If you have an overheating problem, your heater will pump cool air throughout your house.

We suggest replacing the polluted air filter with a clean one to regain the flow of warm air in your home. The device will no longer overheat because the new air filter will not obstruct airflow to your gas furnace.

Furnace Isn’t Warmed Up Yet

Your furnace may be blowing cool air because it hasn’t been warmed up. It can take a few minutes for the furnace to heat up and blow warm air into your home. If you’ve just turned on your furnace for the first time this season, give it some time to warm up before checking for other issues.

The Pilot Light is Out

The pilot light is a tiny flame that lights the gas in your furnace. If it goes out, your furnace will not be able to heat your home. You may see cool air from your vents if the pilot light is out.

There are a few reasons the pilot light might go out, such as a draft in the room or a problem with the gas line. If you think the pilot light might be out, you can check it yourself. First, make sure that the power to your furnace is turned off. Then, look for the tiny flame inside the furnace. If you don’t see a flame, you must relight the pilot light.

Incorrect Thermostat Settings

Your thermostat makes it simple to choose what temperature range is most comfortable for you. By tapping a few buttons, you may quickly establish a range. The rest will be taken care of by us.

So, if your blower is blowing cold air, check to see whether your thermostat is set to a comfortable temperature. During the summer, someone may have mistakenly or accidentally altered the settings because you seldom used the heater. It is common, so you can quickly correct the inaccuracy by adjusting the temps.

The thermostat settings are most likely set to “on” instead of “auto.” Selecting any option besides “auto” may cause your furnace to spew chilly air because the setting directs the system to discharge all available air even if you turn off the heat. As a result, if it isn’t already set to “auto,” make sure you change it.

Clogged Condensate Lines

The furnaces in newer homes have a safety device that helps prevent toxic gases from entering your home- known as the condensate line. The device captures water vapour created by combustion and drains it outside. If the line becomes clogged, it can cause your furnace to blow cold air.

If you think your condensate line might be clogged, the first thing you should do is check the float switch. This switch shuts off your furnace if the condensate line becomes clogged. If the float switch is activated, you need to reset it. You can find the reset button on the side of your furnace.

Once you’ve reset the switch, you can check the condensate line to see if it’s clogged. If it is, you’ll need to clear the blockage so your furnace can start working correctly again.


There are a few reasons why your furnace might be blowing cool air instead of heat. The most common reasons are dirty air filters, incorrect thermostat settings, and clogged condensate lines. You can check the air filter, thermostat settings, and float switch to see if they’re the problem. If you can’t figure out why your furnace is blowing cool air, you should call a professional for help.

Reach out to experts at Furnace Repair Winnipeg if you are having difficulty with your furnace. We would be more than happy to lend a helping hand. Visit our website or give us a call today!

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