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Furnace Installation TipsIt’s inevitable that you will have to replace your furnace at some point. It is not only your body that suffers from the freezing Alaska winters; your home, and more specifically, your heating system. Most Juneau homeowners cringe at the thought of paying thousands of dollars for a new furnace, or hundreds of dollars repairing their furnace. As you know, however, you have no choice if you want a warm and comfortable home in the winter time. It can be stressful when experiencing a major heating system overhaul, but if you observe the following recommendations, the transition to a new heating system will be smoother.ENSURE THE NEED FOR A NEW FURNACEBuying your home’s new furnace should be a happy event when you say goodbye to the loud clanging and banging of your poorly performing furnace. Modern furnaces are significantly quieter and less expensive to operate. However, not all homeowners see this transition in this light. For many of them, it is a truly trying time and damaging to the delicate balance of their finances as well. To ease your doubts and apprehensions, it is of prime importance to determine the urgent need for a furnace replacement and installation. Most of the time, simply cleaning your vents and its other parts with the use of compressed air is enough to revive your furnace. Some other measures include changing its air filters on a regular basis and scheduling it for a pro tune-up too. Hence, you can expect your furnace to last around 10 to 15 years. But during unfortunate circumstances that it dies down, you’re truly in big trouble.MANAGE YOUR BUDGET PROPERLYHaving the knowledge on the expected lifespan of your furnace is helpful in a lot of ways. If you are doubtful and apprehensive in buying a brand-new furnace, explore your options and consult with numerous HVAC experts. You can expect a better overall experience once you come across a contractor who jives with your personality and prioritizes customer service than easy money. Also, you won’t feel apprehensive to call him back for additional service work or to inquire about something else because you know that the contractor is approachable all the time. Furthermore, getting some bids let you strike a comparison of industry prices to decipher if you’re being ripped off of your money or undercharged. The latter suggests that the contractor is shady, and you can start doubting the result of his work.Furnace InstallationINQUIRE FROM HVAC SPECIALISTS ABOUT WHAT YOU CAN DIY AND WHAT YOU CANNOTOne good measure you can take to minimize the strain and difficulties posed by a furnace installation is to ask contractors if you can safely do anything in advance to decrease the cost of their actual labor. It all depends on the features of your old and brand-new furnace, you can take the initiative of taking the old unit out so the contractor can easily install your home’s new heating and ventilation system. You can take it all off or do some minor prep work to speed up the work of your HVAC contractor and his crew. By reducing the cost of labor, you also reduce the cost of the entire installation.PREPARE YOUR HOME FOR YOUR NEW FURNACE’S ARRIVALTo make the entire process as smooth as possible, it is important that you prepare your home for the arrival of the contractor you hired. Reposition your furniture from your front door up to your utility room and clean the place to facilitate mobility and ease of installation. Put some plastic sheet on your floor to protect it from mud, or clear your home’s yard so the contractor can park conveniently and have direct access to your home. Also, call the HVAC Company before the actual day of installation to find out if you still need to carry out certain preparations before they get to your home.ASK YOUR CONTRACTOR QUESTIONS/ CHECK YOUR NEW HEATING SYSTEM BEFORE THEY PROCEED WITH THE FINISHING TOUCHES OF THE INSTALLATIONMost of the time, it is not that scary and stressful to change your furnace. Thus, it is imperative that you ask the installers questions to be familiar with the individual features, accessory, and service that concerns your new heating system. Let them conduct a dry run together with you so they can tell you how individual features operate, and point out the specific location of shutoffs, vents, and the rest of its components.Even though most homeowners consider a furnace installation to be stressful and troublesome, it will all go into oblivion as you enjoy the newfound warmth and comfort your home has to offer, especially in the middle of winter. Also, observing these recommendations will make sure that you can orchestrate a smooth and hassle-free installation process.

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