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Every household needs hot water and warm air all year round. However, the transition of season from autumn to winter marks the best time for a boiler service. Obviously, a cold shower in July is so much easier to handle than one in January and so homeowners should make sure that a boiler service is done even before the cold season begins. Additionally, the winter season can be brutal to your health and your savings which is why it is important to not allow your boiler endure another cold season unchecked. Here are some of the benefits of getting an annual boiler service.

You Can Save Money on Future Boiler Service

You don’t have to have problems with your boiler before you have it scheduled for an inspection or an annual service. Getting an annual boiler service is a great practice that prevents problems with your unit in the future. In fact, most of the major boiler problems started out from a very simple issue that has been neglected. Although an annual boiler service will cost you a few dollars, this is a better alternative to paying thousands of dollars for a major emergency repair or a unit replacement.

You Can Save Your Health

If there is one reason why you should always consider having a boiler service before the heating season, it’s for you and your household’s health. Boilers that go unchecked or unmaintained for years on end will have problems with leakages, holes, and other issues within its components. When a boiler starts leaking carbon monoxide in your home, you are in grave danger. Because carbon monoxide cannot be seen or smelled, it becomes impossible for you to immediately detect it until you feel some adverse effects on your health. By getting your boilers checked, you basically make sure that not only will you be comfortable during the heating season but you will also be safe and healthy.

Boiler Service Can Lower Your Heating Costs

The last thing a homeowner should worry about in a cold Winnipeg winter is increased utility bills. Getting an expert to diagnose, inspect, and do the necessary repair and tune up on your boiler will prevent unnecessary burning of energy and save you money on bills. Remember to get that annual inspection booked so you can enjoy a well-oiled, energy efficient unit especially when you need it most.

You Comply with the Law

Gas safety inspection is actually a requirement for property owners and landlords. If you are a landlord, then your responsibility includes making sure that your tenants are safe and that they won’t be paying for unnecessary utility bills brought about by uninspected boilers. This holds true for any homeowners. Getting an annual boiler service ensures compliance with the law while keeping your home safe.

What Happens on a Boiler Inspection?

First, it does not cost that much to get a boiler service done. You just can’t put a price on peace of mind that you gain from it. Second, boiler inspections are usually quick and are fairly non-intrusive. Generally, a boiler service includes the following:

  • Ensure that the boiler is functioning at the appropriate gas pressure
  • Examine the flue and guarantee safe boiler emissions
  • Verify that the controls are properly working
  • Inspect for leaks and corrosion

Preparing for the winter season can put a strain on your savings, but if shelling out some cash to get a boiler service means being able to live through another brutal winter without any worry for your health and safety, then by all means take that step and the benefits will follow.

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