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Furnace Inspections

When it comes to furnace inspections, many people believe that they are necessary, and a few believe they are not. The truth of the matter is that both sides have a valid argument. Annual furnace inspections are essential because they help you catch minor problems before they turn into big ones.

However, they are not always necessary, especially if your furnace is in good condition and you have it serviced regularly. In this blog post, we will discuss the pros of annual furnace inspections so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not you should get one for your home.

Pros of Annual Furnace Inspection

As we mentioned, one of the main advantages of getting an annual furnace inspection is that it can help you catch minor problems before they turn into big ones. It is essential because minor issues are usually much easier and cheaper to fix than big ones.

Maintain efficiency

Another advantage of annual furnace inspections is that they can help you maintain the efficiency of your furnace. Over time, furnaces can lose their efficiency, leading to higher energy bills.

An inspection can help identify any problems causing your furnace to lose its efficiency so that you can fix them.

Identify small problems

Neglecting routine maintenance now might result in costly problems later. If a minor issue is discovered, the right part may be purchased and replaced as soon as possible. Hourly charges will likely be higher, and you’ll be more annoyed with the procedure if a problem happens during the winter when you need your furnace the most.

Lessen heating expense

If an inspection discovers your furnace isn’t running as efficiently as it could be, you’ll want to immediately make any necessary repairs or replacements. Doing so will help you improve the efficiency of your furnace and lower your heating expenses.

Extends your furnace’s lifespan

With proper maintenance, your furnace will last longer. An annual inspection is an excellent way to ensure that your furnace is getting the routine maintenance it needs to function correctly and last for many years.

Are Annual Furnace Inspections Necessary?

All major furnace manufacturers strongly recommend annual inspections by a skilled heating specialist. “Damage caused by incorrect maintenance is not covered under guarantee,” several manufacturers state in their written warranties. While the warranty doesn’t specifically state that an annual furnace exam is necessary, does this indicate that the claim would be voided if you don’t perform maintenance?

If the prescribed maintenance isn’t completed, the manufacturer may fail to cover it, much like a vehicle that needs repair work under warranty. Why not take a chance and maintain your warranty with a yearly inspection and tune-up? After all, a new heating and cooling system will likely be one of the most significant purchases you’ll make throughout your stay in the house. One mistake to save a few dollars might lose you your warranty.

Some HVAC professionals (not us!) advocate having newer furnaces examined every other year, but if they’re ten years old, they should be checked yearly. In the life of a furnace, particularly one that sees a lot of usage in Columbus winters, a lot may happen in two years. Your dentist advises a six-month exam and cleaning for the same reasons. Also, walking on dollars to save pennies!


So, are annual furnace inspections really necessary? While annual furnace inspections are not always required, they can be a good idea for many homeowners. Furnace inspections can help you catch minor problems before they turn into big ones, maintain your furnace’s efficiency, and extend your furnace’s lifespan.

We recommend talking to a professional if you are unsure whether you should get an annual furnace inspection. Furnace Repair Winnipeg can help you make an informed decision about whether or not a yearly furnace inspection is suitable for you. Please contact us if you have any further questions or would like to schedule an appointment.

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